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Rezé students writing for peace

“Heads against the wall”…

They went to Jerusalem,and their text has been carved on the partition wall

Tuesday 10 May 2011, by Webmestre , François Nutchey

Young people studying in a technical high school in Rezé ( near Nantes in the western part of France) are working for peace with their teachers.

Their idea was, with fellow partners of Abou Diss high school (in Jerusalem suburbs), to write a peaceful poem to be carved on the wall, as below:

Heads Against the Wall


What are they waiting for

All these men who don’t shout ?

To be delivered like

Some outlaws from prison?

They don’t get no “Shalom”

Only loathing and scorn.


What are they hoping for

These women who don’t laugh?

For their soul to be freed?

Their body, their spirit?

They are begging “Salam”

They get answered “rifle”


Ô walls without skylines

Instantly they can turn

Habitations to cells

Populations to flocks

Countries and lands to jails

Neighborhoods to ghettos.


Illusory ramparts

Not one of these bastions

Or of their avatars

Has fulfilled its design

For sooner or later

Peoples defeated them.


Neither Hadrian’s wall

Against the barbarians

Nor the wall in Berlin,

None ever killed the hope

In a brighter future.


Our heads against the wall

Writing is our weapon

Fierce is our struggle.

Our words be to this fence

Those Voltaire once issued

Against the Bastille walls.

Four students Andréa, Clément, Gaëtan, Fakri with their teacher and town councillors went to Jerusalem at the begining of May , to bring this message on behalf also of their fellows Stéphane, Benjamin,Assyapaud, Quentin, Jérôme, Thomas, Loris et Yann.

And they wrote this poem on the wall in three languages: french, english and arabic.

This action received a financial aid from 4acg.

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